A Legacy Story/ Dawn of a New World

Before the script there was a book. The book was where everything started. Four to five different drafts, and one completely finished.
Ultimately, I felt that my passion in story telling and how I perceived and wrote, fitted better with the world of film, and screenwriting. Thus it was abandoned.

Still, it is nice to see where it all began, and so with that in mind, I have here a small glimpse of the original story.


“Life, it can run its own course day by day, with nothing extraordinary, nothing exceptional occurring, unless one chose to do so.
So was my life in a world where many from the past could not have survived…Yet the struggles I had over time became normal and as routine to me as to the ones that went to school or work from Monday to Friday .
Yet, just like life is filled with routines, filled with preprogrammed schedules, it seems that one day, out of the blue, something could happen that would change all of that…a wrench could be thrown in the working gears to upset everything and awaken you to the fact that destiny might have other plans for you.
One day, your whole world could be turned upside down, as it had occurred with mine”

The dawn of a new day, or rather, the darkness before the new day, for it was still early in the morning and the continent was shrouded in darkness. It was the darkest the world had ever been. No booming city lights, no cars roaming the streets, no noise, just silence.
The dark sky, filled with stars glistening in all their beauty, sparkling above in the universe, it seemed as if the universe was the city, and the world the sky which we so gazed upon in our time.

The silence of the continent was sometimes interrupted by the howling of the powerful winds that swept across of it. Cold and frigid like the dark night itself. The wind, bringing frost across the land which in turn sparkled by the shine of the moon, it was beautiful…the temperature however, was probably around two degrees below zero which was of course, rather unpleasant…but that was all about to change.

For at that very moment, the sun burst and came into view with its powerful and shining rays, bringing forth light to this darkened continent, shining brighter than we could ever hope to see.
As its rays slowly stretched across the landscape, it painted the world of the after apocalypse, and what a strange world it was indeed.

Gone were the crystal blue oceans, replaced with a sea that was as gray as the cloudiest day, consisting mostly of ash than water itself.
It moved and slammed into the continent at a faster pace, the waves larger, and more vicious then we could ever hope to brave

The continent on the other hand, was a large coastal canyon, shaped and formed into place not by rock and magma, but rather, concrete, metal, dirt and ash. Though on top of this canyon there seemed to stretch an endless savanna of the greenest, most unnatural grass that was ever seen. This only briefly shadowed by an ominous large decaying forest that hugged the coastal wall, eerily placed, oddly sinister.

As more and more of the world came into sight, you saw in the distance large mountain formations that disappeared into the clouds, though these were not formed by the earth itself, rather these were formed by collapsing metropolises long consumed by time and destruction. Though as horrifying as the nature of their creation was, it still was something beautiful and majestic to behold…

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