Mobile Concept/ NEW FORK

How does the future of the restaurant service look like? That was the question that New Fork asked us to think about. We (Sven van Genderen, Emily de Hoog and myself) were tasked with researching and coming up with concepts for 0-5, 5-10 and 10-30 years.

What we found was that there were two main target audience for this restaurant. One looking for the fast, efficient service, the other, a cozy and complete restaurant experience.
I was tasked with thinking up for a concept for 0-5 years. For this I decided to pitch two concepts based on each target audience.


Click for a more detailed look at the project


 The App

Concept 1
Pitch Version

With New Fork Express, I am designing an App which is focused on speed for the man/ woman on the go. Being able to order a sandwich with the promise of having it done by the time they arrive.
This is the pitch they liked and the one I am tasked with completing at the end of this project.

Work in Progress/ 2nd Prototype

Above you see the version I am currently working on which will be tested with the target audience for feedback and refinement.

The Store & Smart Object

At the same time we were tasked with coming up with a Smart Object that might improve the Service of New Fork in some way. Given the fact that our client is on the go, we decided that speed would be our primary focus. It is because of this that we decided on a keychain that can be programmed to order your favorite sandwich.

Keychain Sketches

I also sketched how the design of the interface would work and came out with layouts to optimize the store process.

“smart object screen” wireframe sketch
In store screen interface and layout
Store layout possibility




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