Mobile Concept/ STAR WORLD

A virtual reality mobile game

(Disclaimer: Star Wars is property of Lucas Film. This is a concept created for a course)

What could be done for specific target audience with today’s technology? That’s what we asked ourselves (Myself and Laura van Aperen) when we were tasked to create a mobile concept for our “Design for Mobile” course. We were given a target audience; the make believe artist, and other than that, we had free reign of what could be done.

From this we went true many trails and tribulations before finalizing and creating our concept STAR WORLD. But the question is, what is it?
Simply put, it is a virtual reality game where your character participates in story segments of the Star Wars universe. You are given an empty world which you fill with stories, and depending on where you place the world pieces and how you play it.

Click on this image for a better insight on the creation process.

How its done:
All you need is a Apple Iphone (IOS 7), the Star World App, a VR set (like Google cardboard), controller and the Game Cards containing the stories. This also caters to the collecting aspect of the make believe artist.


Of course there is an online component again, as you the user are part of a larger Galaxy (community). Zooming out of your world map reveals the Galaxy with other players where you can travel to and visit, participating in their stories as well.

Lastly, here are some “Screenshots” of the game concept I created (As I was tasked with designing wireframes and final visuals)


With the Star World App, the user can create and customize his character to match his wishes in every aspect possible.


Once that is done, the user can buy Story cards which contain a specific world. With this they can place it anywhere on their world and this can be combined with other cards of course. The order which the cards are placed on the world map have an influence on the overall experience and story progression of the game. No two stories are the same.


Finally there is a Galaxy Map where you go online and get in touch with the Star World Community. This allows you to visit other worlds and participate in their story, their adventure. All this is done of course through the 3d world in a first person perspective.


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