Application/ The Kubrick

The world of film making is a grand and complex machine. There are many elements that make a film work, from cinematography, screenwriting, production design, acting and of course directing.

This complexity can discourage aspiring filmmakers to never pick up the craft. Leading to many undiscovered talents.
But what if the process could be simplified? What if you could give them a tool to work with. Giving the basic tools and understanding, so that they could experiment with and discover the love of film making.

This is what I wanted to achieve with “The Kubrick”.
Focusing on the aspect of Cinematography. It simplifies the process of lighting by creating color profiles based on genres, while allowing them to further play with settings the more they learn, growing in skill and confidence.

“The Kubrick” is a versatile app that can be used on your telephone, computer and (in the future) even on camera’s.

Start Screen
The work screen. Image: Blade Runner 2049. Copyright Warner Brothers 2017.



This Project was part of a course (called Design This!) for my studies, where we were free to make anything from what inspired us. Given my love for films and the personal journey I went through learning the process of screenwriting. I wanted to take this experience and use it in another field that interests me (in this case, cinematography) and use that as a jumping point.

The experience the clickable prototype, click here

Below you will find some images of the creative process that went into creating this application.

Creative Session where users had to write and draw their film associations. This was done look at the colours that were used and the associations that came with it.


First wireframe sketches. At this point in time the idea was larger. Even giving the user the option to take ‘courses’ and ‘how to’ tutorials in order for them to better themselves.


Users working with a low fidelity prototype version of the app, which at that point in time had it’s won specific camera.

Sketch containing different possibilities for a camera prototype

Further Sketches, fine tuning the idea which was then translated into digital designs.

Clickable Prototype user test