About Me

Of course no portfolio website is without an ‘about me’ section, because well…some people might be interested in knowing who the person behind the scenes is.

Well here it goes:
My name is Garey and although I currently live in the Netherlands where I studied Communication and Multimedia Design in Rotterdam, and are now working for the company Foleon as a UX/UI designer (and occasional UX researcher).  I am originally from Aruba.

Aruba is, to put it mildly, a small Island (approximately 40 km long) just off the coast of Venezuela with a population of approximately 110.000 inhabitants.  Now what would one do on such an small island? Well one quick search with google will show you that the island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, coupled with nice hotels to boot. So growing up, my weekends consisted of the beach, family, or the occasional adventures in the ‘wilderness’ (which is essentially cactus and iguanas).

At 19, I moved to Canada to study Graphic Production and got my associates degree after two years. I made wonderful memories, good friends and till this day I miss it.
At 21, I moved back to Aruba and worked at a graphic design/printing press company for two and a half years before I decided that there should be more to what I can do or see.
I quit my job, hopped on a plane, and found myself in the Netherlands ever since.

After a period of adapting, learning the language (anew) and finding my place here, I applied to the Communication and Multimedia Design course in 2014 and have had a blast since.

  What I do:


Interaction Design, UX-design and Creative Concepting. The latter of which is the one I am “the strongest” in. To come up with ideas, from almost nothing or research, to challenge myself to things that might not seem “possible” and then, using this first step, to push myself to think of unique user experiences and the interactions that correlate with these experiences.

This was carried out during my internship at Fabrique (From September till December of 2016), where I was hired as a UX-Designer. Helping the team of designers primarily during the concept faze, coming up with ideas that pushed the boundaries of the status quo, and ultimately, translating these ideas into working UX/UI-products.

This was further explored with my Graduation project at the National Park of Aruba and is now fully used at the company I currently work for. Foleon.

Another passion of my is helping with the branding of a company and helping them sell their vision or idea.

An example of this was in 2016 , when I assisted with the TEDx ARUBA team in designing and making their online magazine.

I try to help start ups by asking them why they want to do what they want to do. Why is their company important and what difference do they want to make in the world.



Aside from work, in my free time I work on my script, draw, watch movies…lots and lots of movies and play the occasional game (not forgetting spending time with my friends of course).
My passion for movies evolved into writing and ultimately screenwriting.  Which has resulted in a script that I intend to sell or submit to a screenwriting competition.

Lastly, I also speak four languages  fluently (English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento) and know a little bit of French as well.

I love eating, I love swimming and sailing.

So bon bini to my site and feel free to explore! 🙂


P.S. OH and if you want to contact me:


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