The World Before the End/ Crusaders

Remnants of a time long past. Manufactured as a means to prevent the End War from ever happening. Genetically advanced and perfected to be combat efficient and resilient. They are 50 times as strong and fast as the average human being. Although the majority of them died, a few of them still live and reside within…

The World Before the End/ Abaddon

Not much is known of the one they call Abaddon who resides in the darkness of the forgotten world. All he wants is to take back what was robbed of him. All he wants is to take away the hope from those who have taken it from him. Age: Unknown Nationality: Unknown Strength: Unknown

The World Before the End/ Serge

  Serge is the hero of the World Before the End series. Much like Sarien he too lives in a coastal town, but he is haunted by visions and memories of who he is, for he doesn’t know. But unlike Sarien, Serge comes from a point in time when man still roamed the earth and…

A Legacy Story/ Dawn of a New World

Before the script there was a book. The book was where everything started. Four to five different drafts, and one completely finished. Ultimately, I felt that my passion in story telling and how I perceived and wrote, fitted better with the world of film, and screenwriting. Thus it was abandoned. Still, it is nice to…

The Manipulators

Not much is known of the Manipulators, except that they appear at certain points in time to alter the destiny of events. Their goal is unknown, but the time in which they come from is filled with darkness and destruction.

The Oblivion

Hidden and locked away beneath a facility long forgotten lies the Oblivion. A creature not born, but created. A coagulation of a forgotten areal combat drone and mutants that scour the world of the after apocalypse. They were attached and sown together by the one long forgotten to create a mode of transport for her.