Hand van Heijmans/ @Fabrique

Hand van Heijmans is a website containing some of the best projects of the company ‘Heijmans’.
But before all this, it had to be made, it had to be thought off and it had to be pitched within the Company. We were approached with the idea of making this website and were given a short amount of time.

The team consisted of a senior UX-Designer (my mentor), an Art Director, and myself. In which my role was to help in the brainstorming of ideas, this with the Senior UX-Designer.
We also would work together to come up with the basic layout of how the website would work and how the wireframes should look.
This so we, at the time, could make a package to give to the product owner, which he could then pitch at the board of directors.

The first step was of course to come up with ideas (in a team) that would be implemented in the website. This was anything from  layouts, interfaces to simple gestures.

A Collection of Ideas

This was a very short and intense session and it was the first time I had experienced, brainstorming in such intensity. It involved a lot of drawing what would first come to mind, not thinking too much about it, but making sure to keep in check with the wishes of the client.

After a selection was done and the best ideas chosen, I was tasked to come up with a few screens and possible interaction screens.

At the time, I did research by looking at what other interactive websites had done, to use this as a source of inspiration.

From this I noticed a balance of spacing, images and interactivity, and this I used as a jumping point to focus on how, making a good layout, could lead to a sense of discovery per page while allowing interactivity as well. I also experimented on different interactive gestures and looked at ways to translate this website to a mobile version as well.
The reason I chose to design a few mobile variations as well, was because the website was to show the best of the best of Heijmans in any situation possible.


HVH 39 copy

All in all, after an intense concepting session, the Senior UX-Designer decided which interactions could be used to translate to a Digital Design. I was given specific directions and these were then translated into digital designs.

Desktop Landscape Copy 10


Desktop Landscape

Desktop Landscape Copy

Desktop Landscape Copy 7

The Results
Next to the work I did, there was a lot done from the Senior-UX and Art Director side, and our combined efforts lead to the approval of the Hand van Heijmans Project.
The rest as they say…is history.




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