Redesign Pitch/ @ Codeur

The Case: Studio Codeur is slowly expanding and growing. It’s creators are looking towards brighter horizons, bigger clients and a new vision that truly captures the vision they are aiming for the future.

The Approach: Like any client one meets, the approach was to find out what they stood for. Where they came from, why they did what they did. Companies that inspired them and of course the why.
This in depth session required long interviews, examining the company itself and visual research to tune the look and feel…

Intial Ideas: What follows are the initial designs where I focused on creating a flow that would get the message of the company stands for

Refining the idea: With feedback from the client I took it upon myself to create something that truly reflected what they were going for. Sleek, sexy and with a dash of color…In their own words: Nerdy but Dope.

Result: A visually striking and sleek redesign that aspire to the clients needs.
Pending final approval


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