Annual report/ @ATA

The need

It was 2018 when I was approached by a fellow Designer to assist her for a few days with an Annual report that she was working on for the Aruba Tourism Authority.

The Research /Visual

Of course Visual Research was needed, and so I went a head and scoured for what I could find that was visually appealing while also being in line with what they wanted and needed

Designing Covers

With Inspiration at hand, here is a run down of a few of the cover variants that were designed. The idea was to have a simplistic none intrusive logo while showcasing the beauty of Aruba, which was to be the main source of appeal.

Other Details

Additional style design was needed, and so I looked into Font options and chapter page variants.


In a few days I managed to help the designer with the finishing details, elements and chapters and we delivered the Annual report on time!


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