Graduation Project/ @ PARKE ARIKOK

How do you preserve a culture, it’s heritage and it’s stories on an island that has rapidly changed and evolved over the past three decades? That was the question that I was given, and the task I had ahead of me for my Graduation Project. Aruba, for all intents and purposes, was an island that…

Hand van Heijmans/ @Fabrique

How do we bring the best Heijman Projects under one roof?

ISGM/ @Fabrique

How do you update and change a website tobetter reflect the person that it is based on and the life she lived?

Short Film / The EXPERIMENT

A girl and a man are trapped in a sadistic experiment. Only one of them will survive. The question is; which one?

The World Before the End/ Crusaders

Remnants of a time long past. Manufactured as a means to prevent the End War from ever happening. Genetically advanced and perfected to be combat efficient and resilient. They are 50¬†times as strong and fast as the average human being. Although the majority of them died, a few of them still live and reside within…