Graduation Project/ @ PARKE ARIKOK

How do you preserve a culture, it’s heritage and it’s stories on an island that has rapidly changed and evolved over the past three decades? That was the question that I was given, and the task I had ahead of me for my Graduation Project. Aruba, for all intents and purposes, was an island that…

Hand van Heijmans/ @Fabrique

How do we bring the best Heijman Projects under one roof?

ISGM/ @Fabrique

How do you update and change a website tobetter reflect the person that it is based on and the life she lived?

Short Film / The EXPERIMENT

A girl and a man are trapped in a sadistic experiment. Only one of them will survive. The question is; which one?

The World Before the End/ Crusaders

Remnants of a time long past. Manufactured as a means to prevent the End War from ever happening. Genetically advanced and perfected to be combat efficient and resilient. They are 50¬†times as strong and fast as the average human being. Although the majority of them died, a few of them still live and reside within…

The World Before the End/ Abaddon

Not much is known of the one they call Abaddon who resides in the darkness of the forgotten world. All he wants is to take back what was robbed of him. All he wants is to take away the hope from those who have taken it from him. Age: Unknown Nationality: Unknown Strength: Unknown